Q: How long does the internship with Semester in Ministry last?

The program runs for approximately 19 weeks each semester. The Fall Semester is from mid-August through late December and the Spring Semester is from early January through mid-May.

Q: How will I spend my time during the semester?

The professional aspect of the internship is divided between supervised ministry experience, academic training, and spiritual formation. Each intern is also encouraged to carve out personal time for reflection, personal interests, and exploring the area.

PumpkinsQ: Will I have opportunities to explore the NE during my time in Maryland?

Every effort is made to provide opportunities for interns to explore various cities with the NE United States. In addition to a trip to NYC to visit church planters partnered with Mountain Christian Church, past interns have been invited by church members on day trips to places like DC, Philly, Gettysburg, Lancaster, etc. Interns are encouraged to get to know the area during their free time. Baltimore is less than 25 minutes away and DC, Philadelphia and New York and even the beach are all convenient day trips from your home base in Maryland.

Q: How much academic credit will I receive during my internship?

Interns receive six internship credits for ministry work and nine credits for academic work, resulting in a semester of 15 credit hours. Of the three academic classes required during the internship, two of these are common to the whole group and open to members of the church body. These common courses typically include one biblical studies class and one ministry class. One is left unassigned to accommodate the specific needs of each intern.

Q: Will I receive any SFP credits during the course of the internship?

According to Milligan’s policy, students participating in a semester abroad program can earn 10 credits of SPF. For details please see the Campus Ministry Office at Milligan College.

Q: Where will I be living during the program? Am I responsible for finding my own housing arrangements?

Interns are matched with a host family from Mountain Christian Church during their stay. They will be provided with a private room and access to a bathroom, laundry facilities, and kitchen. This is an exciting opportunity to connect with a church family and have a place to call home for a semester.

Q: I am on a food plan with Milligan. Will the benefits of that plan transfer into this internship?

Yes, meals are included in the cost of the program. A weekly food allowance is provided throughout the program so that interns are able to purchase their meals as needed. In addition, often interns are invited to share a meal with members of the church community at no extra cost to them.


Q: Is it necessary to have a personal vehicle during the course of the internship?

Every effort is made to place the interns with a family who lives within 15 minutes of the church. While it is helpful to have a personal vehicle, it is not required. Interns may arrange to carpool with one another if necessary. Several interns have successfully participated in the program without a car.

Q: What is the overall cost of the program?

The cost of the program matches the cost of a semester at Milligan, which includes tuition, room, board, and fees. Most of your scholarships will apply unless they are directly tied to on campus participation in a sport or organization. Textbooks for courses will be a personal expense.

Q: Do I need to be a Milligan College Student to participate in the Semester in Ministry Program?

Yes. Currently, the program exists for students currently enrolled or anticipating a transfer to Milligan College in Milligan College, Tennessee. However, Mountain is committed to developing leaders wherever we can. Please go to our contact page and get in touch and we will do our best to put you in touch with other programs or create a program just for you.

Q: I’m interested in learning more. What are my next steps?

Please contact us directly and visit the Apply Now page of this site. We’d love to begin crafting an incredible internship experience with you!